Private Classes

These classes are offered to those students wanting to extend themselves into the world of Solo and Duo performers. In these classes your child will have 1 on 1 tuition with one of our available teachers. These classes can be everything from stretch & technique through to learning choreography to compete at Eisteddfods and/or performing in our EOY Showcase.
These classes are offered to our current soloists in the first instance and then the remaining time slots are offered to any dancer enrolled at DanceEd, based on suitability  and availability

What you need to know.

These classes run for a period of 1/2 hour  and at a cost of $30 for solo's or $40 for duo's. Your child can pick their own music, under the guidance and approval of the teacher, this to ensure the music is suitable based on Genre and age appropriateness. Your child will learn a selection of dances in multiple Genres. Classes are paid for either in cash to the teacher weekly or you will be invoiced week 2 of each term, with FULL payment due week four. Missed classes will not be credited unless the reason for missing a class is due to teacher unavailability. If your child misses a class, it will, in the majority of circumstances need to be paid for in full. Costuming

You have 2 choices regarding the costuming of your performer.

1. You may purchase your own costume in consult with your teacher, just to ensure suitability to music and Genre.

2. You may hire your costume from our costume department at a rate of $50 with $20 being refunded after the costume is returned in good order. Any damaged costumes will not be eligible for the $20 refund. We ask that you take good care of our costumes and do not launder them. If they require washing please return to your teacher and we will launder and return them to you at a fee of $10.


When/if your child wishes to compete their learnt routines at an Eisteddfod, you will need to enter them and pay the entry fee. Unlike Troupe routines, we do not cover the costs associated with Solos, Duos etc.

Entering Eisteddfods can be super tricky at first, so if you are unsure please reach out to us, we will happily help you out. You are free to enter your child in as many comps as you wish and wherever you are prepared to travel with your little performer. Your teacher may wish to attend for moral support, but this can't always be the case.  Please refer to our timetable for (Available) privates.