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Welcome to DanceEd Performing Arts (DPA)

On behalf of all the teachers here at DPA we would like to welcome you to our family. At DanceEd Performing Arts we aren’t just a dance studio, we are a community and a family that share a passion for dance and performing arts. There is something so special about everyone’s journey as a dancer and we can’t wait to take that journey with you. The staff at DPA will be with you every single step of the way providing you with the guidance and support from the very start. We love creating a fun and exciting in class experience for our talented students as well as stress free for our loyal parents.

Our Classes

At DanceEd Performing Arts we provide a wide range of classes of all genre types:
Dancer Development Program: Our ‘Dancer Development Program’, also known as DDP, is a way for our highly trained teachers get the best out of your child. This program is catered to all levels of dancer ability. Whether your child has been dancing for many years or is just starting out in their very first dance class, this the programme for them. For more information please see the Dancer development program tab.
Troupe: Our troupe classes are for the more advanced dancers who show passion, drive and a love for performing. This range of classes will learn routines quickly to compete throughout the year at various dance competitions. Our goal at DPA is for the children within troupe to get experience in performing and to enjoy themselves up on the stage. Winning a competition comes as a bonus! For more information on our troupes please refer to the troupe tab.
babyballet: We offer three stages of ballet dance classes, for young children aged 18 months to 6 years. Our babyballet teachers all undergo babyballet training, and with professional dance and teaching experience, they strive to create a fun, friendly and inclusive experience for everyone – no matter what your child’s age or ability.

Our program fits well within the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, making it the perfect activity choice for you and your child. Our classes provide the opportunity for babies and young children to learn and develop key life skills in a healthy and safe environment.


At DPA we are all about the children expressing themselves and their own individual style. We are happy for the children to wear whatever they please, as long as it does not interfere with their dancing.
However, there are T-shirts and long sleeve shirts to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing one of these, please let Miss Eden know so she can bring sizes for your child to try on. All troupe students are required to have at least a T-shirt until the winter months which then we will introduce a troupe jacket.
Dance Shoe Requirements:
Jazz: Black soft jazz shoe (no laces)
HipHop: Any sneakers
Lyrical and contemporary: Bare feet, jazz shoes or foot thongs.
Ballet: Pink leather full sole ballet shoe


We understand that dancing can be a pricey activity, so we are trying to minimize the cost as much as possible for our families. This is something very important to us at DPA. For our dancer development classes we offer a generous discount for those students committing to multiple classes. The more classes your child does, the higher the discount!!

Baby Ballet/Baby jazz & hip hop
$12.00 for one class
$20 for two classes

DDP Classes
$15.00 for one class
$28.00 for two classes
$39.00 for three classes
$50.00 for UNLIMITED CLASSES/Troupe

Costume Hire Levy

All* costumes are hire costumes. There will be a payment of $45 per costume before the costume is handed out. At the end of the year, once the costume is returned in full and in good condition, a refund of $20 will be given. In the case that a costume is not returned in full or not in good condition, the refund will not be made. Shoes are not included in the costume. Dance costumes are pricey, so this is the best way to ensure that costumes stay in good condition.

*Solo costumes can also be hired for the same price from our collection of pre-bought costumes. Alternatively you are welcome to purchase your own costume.

Invoices are issued on the 1st of each month, with the balance due by the end of the second week of that month, unless you have opted for the payment plan option. DanceEd Performing Arts reserves the right to implement a late fee of 20% of the total amount outstanding and suspend any un-financial parties until full payment is made.

*If you are having trouble in making full payment. Please contact Eden at to discuss further.

At DPA we are happy to take cash payments directly to the student’s teacher, provided it is labelled clearly in a sealed envelope. If confirmation of cash payment has not been made within 48 hours. Please contact Eden directly. We prefer payment as an online bank transfer. Account information is found at the bottom of your invoice. Please email receipt of payment to
All enrolled classes must be paid for, whether your child attends or is absent.

Changes to enrolment

Students may choose to change or “swap” classes during Term One and Two, however we advise that students don’t drop the number of classes they attend mid-month, because we do not offer refunds or adjust monthly invoices for “change of mind”.

Refund policy

DPA will not provide a refund, with the exception that a class is cancelled (this is unlikely to happen but may from time to time in the event of a sick teacher and a suitable substitute cannot be found.)
We do not refund for any cancelled troupe classes, as the troupe membership fee is not based on the exact number of classes the student gets per week, but rather the overall commitment, training and experiences provided by our teachers.

We do provide a refund if an invoice is miscalculated but do not provide refunds in the event that a parent has not informed the studio of changes to their child’s classes. *confirmation of changed classes need to be receipted by DPA in writing to confirm a refund. So please make sure you receive written confirmation of your changes.

If a child has sustained an injury that prevents them from dancing for more than 2 weeks and a medical certificate is supplied, a credit will be issued on the following monthly invoice.
The costume levy is 100% non refundable as we work all year round to source, make and provide costumes to our DPA kids for the end of year concert.


Here at DPA, we understand that dancing can be costly. We endeavour to keep expenses at a low to encourage students to enjoy dance without the financial stresses being off loaded onto parents. We have come up with a custom department to help you out. The costume levy provides each performer with a costume in each dance they will perform at their end of year concert. We will supply each child with their costumes just prior to the concert and request you return them in good order at a date TBC. All costs go to the expense of purchasing, laundering and repairing costumes. A refund of $20 per costume is supplied after the costume has been returned.

Concert Pack

This will include a one off payment invoiced in October, amount TBC and will cover cost associated with the concert HD video, performers medal and finale t-shirt.