Information Pack

Welcome to DanceEd Performing Arts (DPA)
Hello and welcome to our amazing dance studio. My name is Eden, I am the director and owner of DanceEd Performing Arts. We aren't the largest studio in the Southern Highlands but we are the best, and the most AFFORDABLE! We strive to have our dancers enjoy the wonderful art of dance and performance, through self expression and a general love of all things around this wonderful Art. We ensure all our moves are age appropriate particularly with our younger students. We encourage them to have the freedom of self expression in an age appropriate environment. Dance is very personal, there is something so very special about a young dancers journey, we can’t wait to take that journey with your child. We will be with you every single step of the way, providing you with both guidance and support for you and your young dancer.

Our Classes

At DanceEd Performing Arts we provide a wide range of classes of a variety of Genre types:

Jazz: If you’re looking for a fun way to help increase and develop your little persons self-esteem, improve physicality, and develop their cognitive skills, Jazz lessons are a great place to start. At DanceEd PA, we will teach your child how to dance and encourage their own self expression thorough this Genre. We will nurture your child’s social and emotional development increasing their maturity, so they can do well in other areas of their life. Our studio inspires creativity and our teachers will motivate your child to dance with passion, creativity, and excitement.

A beautifully self expressive style of dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

 A very similar style to Contemporary but is generally is more Ballet based or softer style of dance. A beautiful style, often used to "tell a story" through dance.

This Genre is literally so much fun! It branched off from the funk and disco music which was most popular during the ‘70s. The dance culture of hip hop has no set rules and no set movements that need to be followed in order for it to qualify as hip hop; this is what makes it so much fun, and a natural stress reliever. Ironically, it can help your child improve their concentration skills even further, a trait that could benefit their education. Hip hop dance lessons are exciting to learn, allowing your little dancer to stay both mentally and physically active.

Pom Squad:  This is a brand new class we are starting in 2024. Being an NRL Cheerleader myself I wanted to offer the kids a fun class that will extend on their performance skills. This class is more like the Australian version of Cheerleading (Like at the NRL/NBL) It's not the competitive cheerleading you see in the USA. I'd highly recommend this class, it's going to be so much fun. 

Acrobatics: The beautiful fusion of classic dance techniques with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Your child will learn acrobatic "tricks" incorporating stretching, cartwheels, tumbling, and flipping. Learn to tumble, flip, cartwheel, lift and develop friendships all while learning trust and teamwork skills. Flexibility and all round strength and conditioning.

Stretch & Technique:  Compulsory for our competition troupes, this class will incorporate all areas of  stretch, conditioning and technique. As a performer your child will hear a lot about the importance of good technique and conditioning throughout their dance lives. It helps, not only their dancing, but will prevent injury as your child grows and develops.

Troupe: Our troupe classes are for our more advanced dancers who show passion, drive and a love for performing. This range of classes is via invitation only, however we encourage you to ask the question, if you feel your child may be ready. The dancers will learn routines quickly to compete throughout the year at various dance competitions. Our goal is for the children within troupe to experience performing and to enjoy themselves up on the stage. Winning a competition only comes as a bonus! For more information on our troupes please refer to the troupe tab.


At DPA we are all about the children expressing themselves and their own individual style. We are happy for the children to wear whatever they please, as long as it does not interfere with their dancing.
However, we have a variety of t-shirts, bootie shorts,  tights and jackets available for purchase. 
Dance Shoe Requirements:

Jazz: Black soft jazz shoe (for performance) or bare feet for class
HipHop: Any sneakers
Lyrical and contemporary:
Bare feet, Jazz shoes or foot thongs.
Ballet: Pink leather full sole ballet shoe (for performance) Or bare feet for class
POM Squad:  Jazz shoes or bare feet
Acro:  Bare Feet

Yes we are the most affordable! And there are no hidden fees.
Registration $35 ONE OFF PAYMENT 
Payable on your child's first Invoice after enrolment.

Tiny/Mini Ballet, Jazz & Hip hop (8 years & Under)
$14.00 for one class
$26 for two classes
$36 for three classes
$45 Unlimited  Excludes Troupe & Private Classes
Primary/Intermediate/Open classes (9 years & Over)
$18 for one class
$35 for two classes
$50 for three classes
$60 for UNLIMITED CLASSES excludes Troupe  & Private Classes
$30 Private 1/2 hour Class
$40 Duo 1/2 hour Class
Troupe Fees
$40 or $60 Please refer to the Troupe page for Explanation.
COSTUMING: Costumes are hired and are the property of DanceEd Performing Arts Studio. Any costumes not returned at the end of the showcase will incur a fee of $80 to help cover the cost of replacing. Costumes are often very expensive, costing in excess of $100.
 Example of cost:
Sally LOVES her dance and does a Private class plus the UNLIMITED Troupe Class package
Troupe $60 x 10 weeks
Private $30 x 10 weeks
Total Payable $900
Max is 5 and does Two Preschool/Mini classes
Two classes $25 x 10 weeks
Total Payable $250



Invoices are issued in the 2nd week of each Term, the balance due by the end of the 4th week of each Term, (unless you have opted for the payment plan option). DanceEd Performing Arts reserves the right to implement a late fee of 20% of the total amount outstanding and suspend any un-financial parties until full payment is made.*If you are having trouble in making full payment. Please contact our admin staff at to discuss further. At DPA we are happy to take cash payments directly to the student’s teacher, provided it is labelled clearly in a sealed envelope. If confirmation of cash payment has not been made within 48 hours. Please contact us immediately to clarify payment has been received. We do prefer payment as an online bank transfer. Account information is found at the bottom of your invoice. 
All enrolled classes must be paid for, whether your child attends or is absent. Unless prior notification or the child has a ongoing health issue such as a broken arm.

Changes to enrolment

Students may choose to change or “swap” classes during Term One and Two, however we do advise that students don’t drop the number of classes they attend mid-term ie. After week 5,  as we do not offer refunds or adjust monthly invoices for “change of mind”. Refund policy DPA will not provide a refund, with the exception that a class is cancelled (this is unlikely to happen, but may from time to time in the event of a sick teacher and a suitable substitute cannot be found.)
We do not refund for any cancelled troupe classes, as the troupe membership fee is not based on the exact number of classes the student gets per week, but rather the overall commitment, training and experiences provided by our teachers.We do provide a refund if an invoice is miscalculated but do not provide refunds in the event that a parent has not informed the studio of changes to their child’s classes. *confirmation of changed classes need to be receipted by DPA in writing to confirm a refund. So please make sure you receive written confirmation of your changes. If a child has sustained an injury that prevents them from dancing for more than 2 weeks and a medical certificate is supplied, a credit will be issued on the following monthly invoice.


We understand that dancing can be very costly. So we try keep expenses as low as possible to encourage students to enjoy dance without the financial stresses being off loaded onto parents. We have come up with a custom department to help you out. We have built the cost of your child's costumes through your fees and will supply your child/ren with all their costumes in the week prior to the Showcase. Our only request is you return them in good order at the completion of the Showcase. Please do not take any costumes home after the showcase, unless under the direct permission of Miss Eden. (Obviously you can take any costumes you have purchased). We cover the expense of storing, purchasing and laundering costumes. If a costume is returned damaged, we reserve the right to determine if this is from misuse or general wear and tear. A fee of $80 will be incurred if a costume is unable to be repaired easily. Please do not wash our costumes. 

If your little performer is wanting to do Solos or Duos and needs costuming, we are more than happy to help out. We have a wide variety of costumes available to hire at just $50 for the year. You will receive $20 back upon the costumes return in good order.
We have some higher end costumes valued from $200 and up for hire at $80 for the year with $30 being refunded upon the costumes return. Please let us know if you are interested in hiring anything and we will happily bring costumes in to the studio for you to look through.

Costumes for Private Classes

Concert Pack

This consist of a performers medal, Concert T-shirt and the Concerts professional video per family. Cost Is $50 per child, but for families will be $50 for the first child and $20 for each additional sibling.