dancer development program (ddp)

Here at DanceEd Performing Arts we want to create the best possible environment for our up and coming dancers and performers. Our ‘Dancer Development Program’, also known as DDP, is a way for our highly trained teachers to get the best out of your child. This program is catered to all levels of dancer ability. Whether your child has been dancing for many years or is just starting out in their very first dance class, this is the programme for them.

Within the programme there are four age groups: Minnies (5-7yrs), Junior (8-11yrs), Intermediate (12-15yrs) and Senior (16 – opens).

Each age group has 3 class variations: Stretch and Technique, Lyrical and Contemporary, Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Stretch and Technique: This class is to build the dancers flexibility and strength. This is one class that DPA recommends all students do as it helps with all styles of dance.

Lyrical and Contemporary: Is for the students who prefer a slower paced routine utilising more of their technique. Lyrical is much more expressive and uses more emotion whereas contemporary can be a more abstract dance genre.

Jazz and Hip-Hop: These styles are for our students who love to showcase their personality. This class will be given faster routines to more upbeat songs. This class will bring out the confidence in your child!
The students in these DDP classes perform just once a year at our spectacular end of year concert.