Tiny and Mini Classes

Here at DanceEd Performing Arts, we run multiple classes a week for our youngest groovers! These classes are to help nurture your superstar’s love for dance, music and rhythm.

Parents are encouraged to bring family along to these classes to take photos and experience the magic of dance first hand. This also creates a small audience for the children who are then not afraid to dance in front of larger crowds at our end of year Showcase.

The class is made of several different elements to achieve an overall goal of fun for the children and their audience. These elements are different for each class as all children are different and work differently with other peers. At DanceEd we don’t necessarily have a set syllabus, we like to keep things fun and exciting for the students. The children will learn two dances throughout the year in each class to perform at our Showcase.

Classes are:
Tiny Ballet (1-4 years) located in Robertson.
Mini Ballet/Lyrical and Mini Jazz/Hip Hop (3-6 years) located in Mittagong and Robertson

If you are interested in hearing more about these classes please get in contact with us for your trail class.