troupe classes

Our troupe classes are for the more advanced dancers who show passion, drive and a love for performing.

This range of classes will learn routines quickly to compete throughout the year at various dance competitions. Our goal at DPA is for the children within troupe to get experience in performing and to enjoy themselves up on the stage. Winning a competition comes as a bonus!

If you are wanting to trial troupe for the first time, please send an email or text message to Miss Eden to secure a time to discuss the commitment involved. If you are coming from another studio where you have competed before, you are more than welcome to come along to the troupe class to be assessed.

For the parents who are unaware, troupe classes are a big commitment. As a requirement, the child is to also enrol in ALL dancer development classes (stretch and technique, lyrical and contemporary and jazz and hip-hop) to continue their basic training. We will also be competing throughout the year and these competitions tend to run for half a day (depending on the age group). Please consider this when enrolling.