Hello, DanceEd Performing Arts family!

I’m writing to you all with the exciting news that DPA will be heading online with live classes via the Zoom App. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, your DPA teachers have decided to take the skills we have acquired over the years and bring you them to your child in the safety of your own home! I will be introducing a new tab on the website under the banner Online Classes with all the information you will need to access online classes.



Monday 4th May!

We will have a new timetable for these classes (see link above). The main reason for these changes is to keep the kids motivated throughout the week and to get them excited for their classes! It’s also to increase the number of classes available to the kids. Classes will only be 30 minutes long! So please be sure that you’re online and ready to go at the time given.  The “meetings” are set at half hour points. Due to these restrictions from Zoom, breaks were impossible between classes. This the reason for a maximum of two classes per age group on one day.


You will receive an email that has all the links to the possible classes your child can attend, and these will be the same links each week so keep that email close by! You will need to create a Zoom account so please do so before the class starts so your child is there on time.


The amount for these classes is a one-off payment of $30 FOR THE TIME BEING. Those who paid their $30 registration fee at the beginning of term 1 will have no charge to their account for now. I want to make it very clear that for right now these classes are FREE after the $30 registration has been paid. Once the numbers build up, I will need to upgrade the Zoom account and I would also like to be able to pay both Miss Brooke and Miss Hannah for their time. Payment will be capped at $15 per child per week. This means you will only pay for the first 3 classes then the rest are for free for your child. I encourage the kids to do as many classes they want to help keep them moving during this time. I will also give you plenty of notice when we decide to charge for the classes.


Please use this link to register your child for online classes:


*Please only choose online classes at this time*

Your DPA faculty is so excited to be able to teach again and see your smiling faces! If you have any questions at all regarding anything, please contact Miss Eden.

Thank you for supporting DanceEd Performing Arts!